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Our Vida Spa is located in Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort in a quiet and relaxing environment and offers a great variety of different spa
treatments, sauna and steam bath. Either you had a great day of diving, a relaxing day on the beach, a snorkeling trip to some islands or
been visiting some lakes or waterfalls, our therapists will have the right treatment of the day for you. Treatments vary from manicure &
pedicure, over body scrub and massages.


Shiatsu is a form of Japanese physiotherapy and also known as “acupuncture without needles”. Specific pressure points of the body will be
stimulated with the pressure of the therapist´s fingers in a combination with different stretching methods, breathing and rotating techniques
to restore energy. Thumbs, elbows and other body parts are used for that special deep tissue massage to reach the emotional, sensual and
spiritual level of the receiving person. This kind of massage has deeper emotional impacts while reaching different meridian points which
correspond to the human anatomy and soul.


Your hand and feet doing a relentless work for you and with this massage you can thank them for everything they do for you every day. As
the name says, reflexology uses many and tiny reflex areas on your feet and in your hands to generate a healing process for the entire body.
Better blood circulation and lymph drainage, improvement of mobility and flexibility of tendons and joints, healthier skin and nails and a
greater sense of physical and emotional well-being are just some of the benefits of our hand and foot reflexology massage.


The Vida Harmony massage is a combination of different other massage treatments and techniques. The combination includes the Japanese
shiatsu massage, Swedish techniques of long stroking, kneading and compression which go into a deep tissue massage to reach the sensual
points of your body. Depending on the kind of application made it can be stimulating, relaxing, pampering and invigorating or everything in
combination. The main goal is to relieve stress while having an excellent relaxation at the same time while your spinal muscles and cervical
areas will be stretched. Either this might be one of your first massages in your life or you are used to different treatments, the Vida Signature
will leave a special memory for you with its secrets which are coming along.


The Aromatherapy at our Vida Spa uses eucalyptus, chamomile, lavender and many other natural herbs for this special invigorating form of
a massage. All these natural fragrances are stimulating your mind, body and soul. A profound relaxation is provided through the special form
of spiritual union with Mother Nature which will take you into a sensual snooze. This kind of a massage with its effects is known and accepted
worldwide and it is an experience of a lifetime, especially here at Vida Spa with our well trained and experienced therapists.


Our foot spa starts with a warm foot bath followed by a nice and soft foot scrub, which stimulates the blood circulation in your feet and
exfoliates the older skin cells. As a result it increases your relaxation and improves the elimination of toxins which circulate inside your body,
stimulates the immune system, strengthens blood circulation and decreases blood pressure. Arthritis, insomnia and rheumatic pain can
be reduced by this kind of foot spa treatment. The manicure and pedicure will follow after the treatment and includes the cleaning of your
nails and remove dead skin cells of your fingers. Your nails will be put in shape and get polished to receive a new and fresh appearance. A
great treatment for your hand and feet where the results can be felt and seen right after.


This vacuum therapy is used to treat a variety of human illnesses, while a glass cup will be heated up and placed on special parts of your
back. Due to the heat a vacuum occurs and will suck your skin into the glass, depending on how strong you like it. During this technique, it
is believed that poison will be sucked out of the human body and at the same time illnesses like arthritis, rheumatism and asthma can be
treated. In western as in Chinese medicine this technique was used to treat boils and abscesses as well as migraine, insomnia, high fever,
muscle cramps and numbness.


During the Thai massage the therapists will bring you in many different kind of yoga positions to stretch your muscles and cords. The
therapists will then uses both her hands, knees, elbows, legs and feet to find the right stress relieving body parts to enjoy a full relaxation.
During that treatment it is very common to feel some muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure on different body parts. The
treatment starts flexible but rhythmical in different free flowing positions, always adjusted to the tolerable range of motions of the guest´s
body. Many guests discovered new positions of their body which they can easily get into, without knowing them before. A traditional Thai
massage is normally held on the floor, so the therapists can use her full body weight onto the guest´s body.


This form of treatment stimulates body parts with energy released through heated stones. The energy is believed to be absorbed by our
skins’ pores which as a result release stress, body aches and other forms of pathological human disturbances. It is so relaxing that clients
tend to doze off once stone application is set into motion. The stones revitalize our human condition; bringing back natures natural way of
treating the body, pampering it the best way possible, beyond what is essentially comprehensible by the human mind. It is a full
body massage that gives a soothing and well-meaning body and mind treatment.


During this treatment your body will be stimulated through an energy releasing way which comes from heated stones. These hot stones will
be placed on different body parts, especially on your back and it is believed that your skin pores will absorb the energy in form of heat to
release stress, body aches and other abnormal disturbances in the human body. This kind of a treatment is so relaxing that the clients often
fall in a kind of snooze while stones are placed at the right spots. This treatment is a full body massage which will give your mind as much as
your entire body a soothing feeling.
Spa Treatment

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