Negros Island

The island of Negros is the second largest in the Visayan Area, after Panay. Negros is split into Occidental in the northern part and Oriental in the southern. It´s mountainous and volcanic origin is very fertile and was given the nickname “sugar-island”, as more than half of the agricultural land is used for sugar cane plantations.

Due to the volcanic origin a lot of waterfalls, fresh water lakes, hot springs, craters and rivers can be found on the island of Negros. Beside all the sugar plantations there are as well rice terraces which can be visited. In general Negros has a very nice climate, as cooler air is coming down from the mountain area and bring a cooler breeze into the town along the shoreline. Dumaguete, which is the next biggest city close to Dauin where Vida Homes is located offers a huge variety of different bars and restaurant, shopping possibilities and much more. A port to get to other island like Cebu, Bohol, Siquior is very near as well as the airport for domestic flights towards Manila or Cebu.

Scuba Diving

One of the most common activities around Dumagute and Dauin is scuba diving. Due to the “caramel”-brown sand the diversity of underwater animals is different to other destinations in the Philippines and is known as “muck”-diving, which basically means to dive more or less over the sand to see some special creatures. And they do exist in Dauin surely, a huge variety of different frogfish, ghostpipefish, octopuses, shrimps and craps, you name it. The biodiversity in this region of the Philippines is unique and special. Beside these muck diving places, different sanctuaries can be found with a huge diversity of fish and corals around.

A daytrip to Apo Island, a 45 minute boatride shows the huge contrast between the different dive locations. At Apo huge hard and soft corals can be found, which are staple foods for turtles, the reason why so many can be spotted around that island. Another great variety can be found in Siquior, where mostly great wall dives show the divers why it is worth to come over. Schools of jacks and barracudas are very common on these dive sites. But the main highlight is the trip to Oslob, a place where the biggest fish of the planet, the whaleshark can be spotted on a regular daily base. It is good to snorkel or dive over there with the gentle giant of the world´s ocean.

Explore Negros Oriental

Negros has a lot more to offer than only diving. If you like to stay dry and see some of the fascinating countryside and breathtaking views over Apo or Siquior Island, Dumaguete City or the local markets, lakes or waterfalls, offer different excursions on a daily base.


Spa & Wellness

Our Vida Spa with our well trained therapists are awaiting you every day between 11am and 9pm in the Spa facility at Pura Vida. Different massage treatments, manicure and pedicure, sauna or even steam bath are available daily.

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